Interior Design Workshop by Kavita of Koncept By K

April 12, 2018

Home Sale Strategy

Interior Design Workshop by Kavita of Koncept By K



People in Dubai people are constantly moving in and out of their homes with their fast pace lives and transient lifestyles. Having a good knowledge on preparing your home for lease and sale will always come in handy.

The workshop prepared us to create more out of your space and showed us the how tos to make it attractive to a potential client. Whether or not you are preparing to lease or sell your home, this is a fun learning experience to know new creative ways to use your space more wisely and create fabulous spaces by knowing what to de-clutter, how to re position your furniture and how to make your home look more inviting and spacious.

Boo-Burys a luxury furniture shop in Dubai, hosted again a successful workshop where professionals and novices enjoy another delightful morning of informative discussion on interiors. Sipping away on our English vintage bone china tea sets and nibbling away on some treats whilst meeting new friends and designers in the industry.


The workshop started with a short introduction. Once everybody is seated comfortably on our comfy leather sofas, Kavita introduced her business, Koncept By K, and showed samples on her interior design projects in Dubai. Koncept By K - Interiors, has become one of the preferred choices for Home Owners, Real Estate Professionals, Developers and Property Managers in the field of Bespoke Residential Interior Design. We consult at varied requirements and budget levels, incorporating our clients' needs and space sensibilities in mind!


The workshop discussed several points to consider if you are putting your property in the market. By the end of the discussion most of the participants were pleased with their new learnings and knowledge. These are the few:


1 - understood a little bit about buyer behaviour in the secondary property market;

2-  learned how to get the house ready to earn the right price;

3 - able to spot and hide any design flaws that could be a possible deal breaker;

4 - got quick tips to get your potential buyer excited for the purchase.


With Kavita's professional experience and simple and relatable explanation on the topic it was clear to us that within buyer’s perspective a property is an important and necessary financial asset wherein they should invest very carefully.

Everybody was a buyer for some point. Whether it is investing in quality furniture, choosing from fabric sofa or leather sofa, opting for a sofa set or getting creative mixing classic furniture with contemporary sofas, we all have top considerations on purchasing items that would be considered and investment. Kavita made it easy for us to break down buyer’s top consideration on choosing the right property to suit our needs and aesthetics.

Buyer's top considerations:

a) Price per sq ft (including maintenance charges) - market driven (external)

b) Location & Community Layout

c) Property Layout

d) Uniqueness - Interior (this is where re-styling & staging helps).


Once the top buyer’s goals were cleared we moved on how to Get the Right Price on your property. Pricing a property dear to you would be very difficult as you have spent priceless memories there. A lot of sellers makes mistakes on getting the right price, most of them sell for less as cheap or discounted items are always sought after in U.A.E. market. Doing this usually gets the sale but it does not guarantee that you got the right value for your property. Here are some tips and guide from Kavita on how to get the right value.



a) Remove any emotional ties and work this out as a business proposition;


Family portraits and too personalized spaces might be a deal breaker for buyers. It is important to show and let the buyers feel that they can live in the space. A good quality furniture and clean and minimalist styling will give people enough room to imagine how they would decorate the place giving you the advantage for pitching in the right price.



b) Even if you do not intend to sell or lease right now, do not wait to "update" your property (interior or exterior - villas/townhouses).


This means that doing repainting and fixing broken tiles and pipes. It is always good to live in a house where everything is functioning properly. Minor updates also mean lesser renovation costs, practical and budget friendly at the same time.



c) Clear the Clutter, Clear your mind!


Who wants to live in a cluttered house? Nobody. Nowadays where people are living the fast-paced lifestyle less house clutter means less things to clean and worry. Clutter also makes the space look smaller than it is. A major deal breaker. Maximize the living area by having only the essentials and few accents and accessories. A nice leather corner sofa with a right sized centre table and few accessories would be appealing with families as it will have enough sitting.



d) Prepare work lists and schedule clean up days, don't shy away from asking for extra help;


When you have scheduled house viewings it will best to keep the house clean and tidy. Kavita recommends to hire help to deep clean the area. This would make sure that every thing will be clean and inviting to buyers. Fabric sofas and fabric chairs should be cleaned by experts to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.



e) Choose the renovation areas wisely (kitchen, powder rooms, master bath, flooring) don't overspend;


Renovation projects would surely cost money but sometimes it is necessary. Evaluate the space that needed freshen up and renovated. Usually kitchen counters and the rooms are the places that needs renovation. These are the areas that buyers will surely scrutinize. If the kitchen counter looks tired and old it will make a huge difference to replace it. It will make the kitchen area look fresh. Broken tiles and stained walls should also be dealt with. A luxury furniture will not stand out with dirty walls and flooring. It will also make the space sell less than its proper value.



f) Remember - Women are born entrepreneurs!


Women are usually in charge of taking care of the house and thus makes the perfect sales person of the property. They know what a family needs, the essentials and what makes a home special.



g) Remember - time is of essence;


People are always on the look for property in Dubai. People come and go thus it is best to have your property ready always for potential buyers. With new properties emerging it is also advisable to start selling as early as possible to avoid more competitors in the future.



h) Try to sell off or donate some unwanted furniture items.


Declutter. Furniture that are too old and tired should go already. Dispose or donate things that you are not using anymore. Having a clutter free house is good for the mind.



i) Re-decorate for yourself, Stage to sell - Engage a professional


With this workshop you’ll know the basics and how tos on staging a space for rent and re-sell. Spaces that have been lived in should always be staged whenever a buyer comes in to inspect. Clean and well-maintained spaces are more likely to be sold.




Hiding Design Flaws


  1. More applicable to slightly older properties.

Lighting is key, ensure there is comfortable lighting around the house. Lighting will make a difference on which areas you want to be focused on. Have a spotlight on your stunning distressed sofa to show off its beauty. Eyes usually focus on items that are well lit. A lamp on darker areas of the house will look pleasant and will make the place inviting.


  1. Deep clean lighter colored sofas, rugs and any upholstered furniture;

Old fabric furniture that are light coloured should be deep cleaned to refresh it. Chesterfield sofa and low back buttoned chairs should be cleaned properly. The detailed buttoning on the sofas usually get dusty through time if not cleaned properly.


  1. Get any chipped cabinets, door frames repainted etc;

Anything gets to look brand new with fresh coat of paint. You may be able to hide small holes on cabinets with this trick.


  1. Resolve any impending plumbing issues immediately, do not want to hear water dripping or pipes creaking;

A major deal breaker. No one wants to buy a property that looks like its falling apart.


  1. Most importantly, it is okay for the house to look like it has been lived in, so do not panic before an open house or viewing.

As long as you keep the area clean and tidy there is no need to panic. A furnished space would also give the buyers an idea on how it would look to have items and furniture on the space. An empty space looks gloomy and some people would have difficulty to imagine having furniture on the space.