Interior Design Workshop by Gabby Garvey

January 31, 2018

We are starting the year with fresh and savvy ideas from Gabby Garvey Interior Designer and founder of @stylemeinteriorsdubai.


Last 25th of January, we had a successful Interior Design Workshop in our Brilliantly British Showroom. Joined by lovely and very interactive ladies Gabby talked about ways to glam up space with smart buys. Sitting comfortably in our luxurious leather furniture with tea on hand the crowd listened attentively on tips on how to maximize your spending while creating a space that one could truly call home.


Transforming a rented house into a home is made easy with these design tips:


When given a blank canvass, sometimes one can be at loss or over whelmed with ideas. If you are designing from scratch it is important to write down the design direction you want to achieve. In this new age of technology, it is made easy for us to research influencers, instagrammers and designers for ideas. Social media like Pinterest and Instagram are also full of design inspirations. Pick out a genre and note all the similar photos for future reference. It is useful to have references in the future to keep track and get not distracted by different genres.


Next is to identify the main functional piece in the room. For drawing rooms, sofas and chairs are a must. Chesterfield sofas are a classic and chic piece. You can add a modern feel to it by playing around with colours and textures. Find sofa sets with deals or discounts for bigger savings. Most of furniture shops Dubai have deals when buying more than one furniture. A teal fabric sofa can be both an eye candy and functional item at the same time. Choosing a main piece would set you a guide on how to work on the accessories of the room. If the main piece has a lot of character and design on it simpler accessories would be appropriate, by doing this will make people to be drawn more on the centre piece rather than being distracted on accessories.


During shopping for furniture, we usually encounter beautiful but expensive items at luxury furniture stores in Dubai. If the items are not within the budget, you can still recreate something similar. Buying furniture will take most of your budget when styling a room. A tip is to find the piece that you really love and not settle for less. Cheap items usually have poor quality and by choosing a high-quality furniture would actually save you more money as it is durable and long lasting. Style wise there are shops that have options to custom build your leather sofas and chairs to get exactly what you like. Boo-Burys offers bespoke furniture you can invest on. Their furniture is not only lovely to look at but also are built to last with a bonus of life time guarantee on wood frames.


Redesigning a room can be over whelming. If there are existing furniture and items and you don’t want to spend more on furniture, one way of designing a space is through walls. You can prime the wall white then work your magic. I find it easier to start in a blank canvass then work from there. A wall paper can also give a lot of character to the room. Like the Boo-Burys showroom’s bespoke wall paper, the London sky line is a good backdrop for modern and contemporary furniture. The wall itself is a statement piece, no need to add decorative frames.


Here are some tips on how to get similar look or feel to certain items.


Marble – Laminate surfaces with marble contract paper. Make sure you pay attention to detail while doing this as a badly laminated table would instantly give the fake feel and is not pleasing to the eyes.


Gold – For the shiny and luxurious look of gold, you may opt for a gold paint. Choose the one that has a shiny and metallic finish if you really want to get the expensive look.


Fabrics – If you are looking for a fabric patter and can’t find it a solution on that is stencilling the pattern and stamping it yourself. There are also a lot of fabric paint colors to choose from. The possibilities are endless. A reminder to be careful to not put paint on everything, most importantly your luxurious leather sofas.


Colour of furniture – Store bought furniture have limited options on colours. If the colour of your furniture does not match your design, try painting it. Wooden furniture is very easy to paint and it costs less rather than buying a new one.


Upholstery – Old furniture can be revived with re-upholstery. It is also a cheaper alternative to buying new furniture. Fabric sofas can be damaged and dirty within a span of two years. Boo-Burys offers the service and the choices on fabric is endless. They can also ship the luxury fabric or leather of your choice to give your sofa a luxury upgrade in a reasonable price.


Use of items – Repurposing items is a creative way to redecorate. Items with sentimental values are hard to let go. Make them into a unique and creative décor. Old glass ware can be used as vases, vintage luggage and trunks can be used as coffee tables, clothes can be made into cushions. They can be unique and a good conversation starter.


With a little creativity one can turn a simple and ordinary object to a unique one of a kind accessory. For maximum savings buy items that are chic and functional at the same time. Experimenting with different colours and accessories can make a huge difference on a room.


If you are still unsure on what pieces to get your home, visit Boo-Burys and find inspiration with different accessories and furniture. Boo-Burys offers a wide range of furniture from classic furniture to contemporary sofas UAE. We also offer custom made furniture in Dubai and more!