• Why Choose Us

    Our sofas are hand crafted in the UK using traditional upholstery techniques. We believe in the quality of fine British craftsmanship and supporting the UK manufacturing industry, with the added bonus of quick delivery times and customising your orders.

  • Bespoke products tailor made for you

    We know you don't want the same sofa as your neighbour- with award winning, exclusive ranges to choose from, you are guaranteed to create something as individual and unique as you!

  • Experienced Staff

    Boo-Burys would be nothing without our exceptional team; we invest in their development so you can benefit from their expertise in leathers, fabrics, interior design and manufacture. With regular visits to our factories, they are equipped with the knowledge to answer any questions you may have.

  • Centrally located showroom

    Fall in love with your sofa at our well located showroom on Al Wasl Road, Umm Suqeim 1, Dubai. We understand that sofa shopping can be thirsty work; we aim to make your experience as relaxed as possible with teas, coffees and refreshments available when you visit us. Leave your children in the kids corner and make your decisions in peace!

  • Excellent After Sales Service

    At Boo-Burys we pride ourselves on our customer service - after working in Chelsea, London for 10 years in sofa retail and manufacturing, we have excellence in understanding customers' needs and ensuring the customer is in good hands after delivery of their furniture. Our aim is to make buying your dream new sofa an enjoyable experience, from the moment you visit and choose your sofa, through to placing your order and receiving your goods. Occasionally, however, things can go wrong and for when that happens we have dedicated members of Boo-Burys to put things right. We have expert knowledge of all our sofas and work alongside our supply chain and shippers so we can ensure you that we will co

  • Punctual Delivery Service

    Communication is key when it comes to delivery. We maintain regular contact throughout the delivery process with a phone call when your sofas is ready; a text message 24 hours before and a two hour time slot within which your sofa will arrive. Our polite, careful delivery men assemble your sofa, take away all packaging and will even recycle your old sofa for you!

  • Delivery Times

    10-12 weeks on average. Fast track orders can be places providing the leathers or fabrics are in stock, bringing delivery times as quick as 8-10 weeks.

  • Delivery Information

    We include free delivery charge in our made to order furniture. The delivery of your furniture is made by our 2 man delivery team, no matter how many items you buy. This is obviously heavily subsidised by Boo-Burys and makes buying your furniture from us cheaper for you. Delivery is made by independent carriers, and arranged on specified days 7 days a week. When the courier has received your furniture they will contact you personally to arrange delivery day and give you a 2 hour time slot the day before delivery. If you are unable to accept delivery on the next available delivery slots, your furniture will be held for two weeks free of charge. Beyond two weeks, customers are subject to sto

  • Sofa Bed Buying Guid Sofa

    Too often with sofa beds, comfort and style are sacrificed for the sake of convenience. Although the sofa bed is handy and useful, it is not particularly comfortable or attractive as either a sofa or a bed. At Boo-Burys we don't accept that this has to be the case. We insist on supreme comfort and the utmost in elegance and style for all of our furniture, including sofa beds. We also emphasise the importance of ease of use, as well as durability; we want to make sure that your sofa beds will be simple to pull out and put back, and will last just as long as any of our other pieces of luxury furniture. With so many sofabeds available at Boo-Burys, it can be a little difficult to decide which

  • Why choose a sofa bed?

    Many people choose to buy a sofa bed because space is limited, or because they are looking for a bed that will not be used that often. Indeed, there are many very good reasons for getting a sofa bed, particularly if you have guests visiting your home. Even if you have a spare room, there is no reason why it must be taken up completely by a large bed. Using a sofabed in its place will give you an extra room to use, as well as providing a perfectly comfortable bed for when you do have guests to stay. Ultimately, the sofa bed you choose will depend on a number of factors, including the style of the room it will be placed in, the frequency with which it will be used as a bed and the amount of a

  • Selecting the size and position of your sofa bed

    Having a clear understanding of the space and access available in your room should help you to choose your sofa bed. Ideally you want to find a sofa that will be in perfect proportion with the rest of the room; neither so large that it dwarfs the other items of furniture, nor too small that it gets lost in the room. Crucially with a sofa bed, don't forget to measure the available space for the sofa when it is laid out as a bed. As a general rule of thumb, you will need at least two metres space for the bed to be pulled out comfortably. Boo-Bury's sofa beds come in a variety of sizes, depending on the size options on offer in each range. Typical sofa sizes are two seaters and three seaters,


    With so many options available, finding the right one can be a daunting process. In order to give you an introductory glimpse of the kinds of possibilities available, here is a selection of some of Boo-Bury's most popular sofa beds.


    The Spitalfields is Boo-Burys signature range, a luxury leather sofa that is as comfortable as it is good looking. This sofa bed option comes in 2.5 seater, 3 seater and 3.5 seater sizes and has a deeply comfortable memory foam mattress. Available in naturally distressed leathers as well as durable pigmented leathers, there is a model of Sloane leather sofa beds that is the perfect match for any room.


    Ease of use is one of the main attractions of the Haslemere Sofa Bed. Thanks to a simple mechanism, it can be folded out without you having to move the seat or back cushions. Available as a small, medium and large double sofa bed, as well as in a single chair size, known as the Love Chair Bed.


    As the centrepiece of your room and an item of furniture that is likely to be with you for many years, a sofa is a major purchasing decision and finding the perfect piece can be a challenge. Not only is your new sofa likely to be the focal point of your living room, but it will also have a major impact on the entire room's design. As a large furniture item, sofas represent a significant expense, and the fact that this will ultimately prove a sound investment in the long run only emphasises the importance of making your selection wisely. Our Sofa Buying Guide is intended to help you to make an informed decision and choose a quality sofa that will bring you happiness and comfort for many years


    The two most important factors to take into account when selecting the size of sofa you need are the number of people who will be using it and the size of the room. Boo-Bury's ranges include a variety of different size options as well as other sofa types, such as sofa beds and corner sofas. Ideally, you want your sofa to be in perfect proportion with the rest of the room and to have plenty of space around it. Even if you have a large family, be careful not to choose too large a sofa for the size of your room; it may be better for you to choose two smaller pieces rather than a single sofa that dominates the room. Before selecting the sofa size you want, take measurements of the room and dec


    After you have decided what size sofa you will need and where it will be placed, the next choice you have concerns the type of sofa you are looking for. Darlings of Chelsea offers a wide selection of high quality sofas in both genuine leather and natural fabrics. Available in modern and traditional designs, both materials come with numerous colour options so that you can find a sofa that will look as good as it feels.


    Leather sofas with studded arms and button backs such as the Huntingdon Chesterfield range fit very well in rooms with a traditional interior design if using a traditional colour leather. A more modern look and leather or fabric can be used on the same sofa to create a contemporary room. All sofas are available in a wide selection of different leathers, including naturally distressed leathers, hard wearing leathers and pigmented durable leathers for a range of different colour options. All of the leather sofas for sale at Boo-Burys are made with genuine leather, with no part of the sofa using split or faux leather. Because leather is a natural material, each piece has its own unique marking and shade of colour and some shade variation can be expected.


    Choosing a fabric sofa means that you have a huge range of colours, textures and design styles to choose from. The Boo-Bury's range includes contemporary designer fabric sofas such as ROMO, Linwood, Warwick, Designers Guild, J Brown. For each sofa there is a vast array of fabric and colour options available, including velvets and cotton linens, patterned fabrics and customer's own material (COM). To keep your fabric sofa clean, simply use an upholstery brush or a vacuum cleaner with a crevice tool attachment. Read our guide to caring for furniture for more details.


    When it comes to choosing a quality leather or fabric sofa, there are many things to take into consideration. Naturally, you will want a sofa that is comfortable, matches the rest of your decor and looks great in your home. A significant part of this is making sure that your new piece of furniture fits comfortably into your home. A beautiful sofa will look cumbersome and ungainly if it is too large for the room it is in. On the other hand, a sofa that isn't big enough to accommodate the number of people who will be using it is not fit for purpose. Another hugely important consideration is whether your new large item of furniture will be able to fit through the front door. In order to help


    The sofas and chairs in the Boo-Bury's range come in a variety of size options and can be tailored to suit your requirements precisely. The three dimensions you will need to take into account are the item's width, depth and height. Before deciding on your size of sofa, make sure that you have assessed the available space in your home. Ideally, a piece of furniture needs to be in proportion with the rest of the room and the right size to fulfill its function adequately. Remember that it is not only the size of the furniture item but the space you will need to have around it that is important. It's no good having a comfortable sofa if there's nowhere to put your legs. A good idea is to map o


    The Boo-Burys' couriers will do their best to complete the delivery but we cannot take responsibility for goods which are too big to fit into the house. To avoid the embarrassment and expense of such a disaster, please follow the simple guide below. Also, remember to take into account any obstacles and fixtures. Check staircase headroom and turning space for beds and wardrobes being taken upstairs. If you are still unsure, we may be able to offer to make a dummy delivery, using a display model; please note there is a charge for this service. Measure the height (A) and width (B) of the doorways and any hall or passage. Measure the clearance from the wall facing you, as you enter the


    Either measure the chosen item yourself, or ask a member of staff to do it for you. For a sofa, measure the width from arm to arm (X) and the diagonal depth (Y). For the diagonal depth, with cushions removed, place a straight edge against the most prominent parts of the back and arm. Then measure from that line to the rear corner of the sofa. The diagonal depth (Y) must be less than the entry width (B). The sofa width (X) must be less than either the door height (B) or the entry clearance (C). For a cabinet, measure the diagonal at the widest point (X) and the depth from front to back, including any projecting parts (Y). The depth (Y) must be less than the entry width (B). The diagonal w