Fabric Sofas

Soft to the touch and impossible to resist, our beautiful collection of fabric sofas has something for everyone, from stylish and contemporary, to elegant and classic. We have chosen each sofa with your comfort in mind, so whether you’re looking for a sumptuous sit or something modern and neat, we have something to suit your needs. Each sofa is available in a wide range of sizes with bespoke options available such altering depth of the sofa, height, arms, interiors etc. Please enquire for more details to fit your specific requirements. Consider our sofas as the basic frame that can be altered to your needs. With thousands of standard priced fabrics to choose from and designer textiles including Andrew Martin, Ralph Lauren, Designers Guild and Linwood plus any Customer's Own Material you wish, you really can create your very own unique design.. And rest assured that our fabric sofas don’t just look great, they are also built to last. We pride ourselves on the exceptional craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of our pieces, using only the finest materials in our products. Whatever type of interior decor you have at home, the depth of our range means you are guaranteed to find the perfect complement.