The interior decor event was a cozy and interactive at Boo-Burys luxury furniture shops in Dubai. Eager ears had many a choice of fine classic leather Chesterfield sofas and modern leather sofas to sit on with the addition of tea and cakes served in Fine English bone china vintage crockery.  The lovely Ash Young of Adore Décor DXB discussed some interior design tips for decorating and improving your interior decor in your living space in Dubai.


The workshop started with giving out tips and rules on interior design. Ash’s first and most important rule of interior decor ideas is to establishing relationships; Create your colour palette; Choose colours that would complement each other and stick to it. If you love colour, use other unifying elements to pull together the look. For example, stick to one style of furniture and limit finishes or materials used. It may not be necessarily matchy but it can help achieve overall balance and harmony to the room.


The 60-30-10 RULE

Use the rule as a starting point.

60 – are floors and walls. A single colour paint or a meticulously designed bespoke wallpaper, the options are endless. Feeling home sick? You may also use your home city landscape for a wallpaper like we have at Boo-Burys furniture shops in Dubai ... a superb grey & gloomy landscape of good old Blighty (London city skyline :0)  Floors can be in wood, vinyl, concrete, etc. These two would set the main theme of the room.

30 – Large items. Usually a chic and functional sofa. There are so many types to choose from. For our furniture shops in Dubai we use the timeless classic leather chesterfield sofas to go with our one of a kind London city landscape wallpaper. (Bespoke wallpapers available at Boo-Burys). With the addition of wing chairs and curved chaise lounges the place oozes luxury, style and elegance.

10 – accents. Dainty cushions, fur rugs, cow hides, trinkets and other small items that fills the gaps. Walls can be a gallery of vintage frames or maybe maps. Reindeer hides and sheepskins are sometimes put on walls or furniture to give warmth in a room. Add in candles using vintage candelabras for the perfect ambiance.



Get creative with your space by using different kinds of lights or lighting effects. It is a game changer that allows you to alter mood and functionality. Switch your spot lights to statement ceiling pendants, table lamps, floor lights, uplighters, down lighters, candles etc to give your room gorgeous pools of light.

Layer lighting is an artistic and stunning way to illuminate a room. Here are the three types of lightings that every room needs:

Ambient lighting refers to the overall illumination – usually the most prominent light you have in the room. A yellowish light would mimic a gentle warm sunshine and can create the perfect setting for those distressed leather sofas. Blue lights are common as they are functional and can be a great means to emphasize an intricate pattern on fabric chairs and sofas.

Task lighting is often used to increase illumination to perform a specific activity like reading, sewing, etc. Your interior decor can get creative with your choice of lamp. A vintage lamp partnered with a curvy and comfortable chaise lounge would be a delight to all book readers and an easy interior design tip to apply.

Accent highlighting is for a particular object or area in any living space. Give your furniture, art, collection, etc some attention by accentuating it with strategically placed down lightings. An accent lighting to vintage accessories and vintage frames can enhance any basic interior design idea to one with a lot more flair.



Your interior decor ideas need to create balance by the use of plants, flowers and botanicals. Succulents and cacti are in trend nowadays as they are easy to take care. Flowers always makes any home feel special. If on a budget try using faux flowers as they are convincing, cost effective and long lasting. While fresh flowers are a delight they are time consuming and need more energy to maintain. Water and bugs may also damage your furniture especially fabric ones and we wouldn’t want that!



Interior design will most likely include miscellaneous decorative accessories. Linear pieces can be softened with organic curves. A curvy chesterfield sofa can be paired together with a rigid lamp.  Sculptures teamed together with plants and proper lighting can give a sophisticated look to any home decor. Visit many furniture shops in Dubai and you will see how sculptures are included in the interior design.



They are more than just a reading material in any home interior design: they look chic, show interests and they can be used as pedestals to raise items making them more prominent. Use books on footstools for a sophisticated effect. You can position it vertically, horizontally or turn spines inwards. Experiment with your interior design ideas remembering that there are many ways of achieving the perfect interior decor to suit your tastes and needs.



All interior styling can benefit from using trays as a versatile styling staple. Trays can be strategically placed on coffee tables, footstools, leather sofas, chesterfield sofas, or anything that has a flat space to hold practical items and still looks chic. Use trays to contain items and ground smaller items together for that scattered, but contained, look. You always see trays in furniture shops in Dubai and in magazines.



They say three is a crowd but interior design doesn’t agree! Group in odd numbers for life, light and sculpture for varied and interesting displays. Leather, fur, fabric, metals, etc. Vary size, texture, and height of objects to draw the eye’s attention. If every object is of the same height the eye loses interest. Keep heights and their relationship with the neighbors interesting so the eye has more to read. Visit Boo-Burys furniture shops in Dubai to see how they have grouped their accessories.



Gold or Silver? Always include metallics to add glamour, sophistication, help bounce light and catch the eye’s attention. Mixing metals can produce a cooler effect. Rose gold and copper are popular these recent years and brass is appearing in trend forecasts for 2018. Steel looks sophisticated with marble and also goes well with wood. Balance out curvy sofas with metallic linear accents and accessories. Furniture shops in Dubai have an abundance of metals and shiny objects so when collecting your interior design ideas, visit as many furniture shops as possible to see how to plan for your interior decor.



Layering is the key to creating an individual and interesting look. Add small details to big and obvious items. These can create depth and personality and you can have fun with new trends without committing. Rugs are usually the go to piece for this. A luxurious leather rug layered by soft and warm reindeer hide can cosy up any room. Cow hides and sisal rugs also go well together. Layer throws and cushions to create a welcoming atmosphere on your sofa or sofa bed. Be creative, use different colours and textures.


The usual issues of home makers in Dubai is that it is a widely misconception that making any improvements to the interior decor in your home has to be costly. This is wrong! Visit Boo-Burys for some further tips on styling up your home and invest in pieces of furniture that you can take with you for years to come and not dispose of on Dubizzle. Boo-Burys are absolutely not your typical western furniture stores in Dubai, we specialize with quality bespoke furniture, rugs, wallpaper, vintage & antique accessories. Design your one of a kind leather furniture with us using quality and luxury fabric and leathers. Have your choice of fillings from feathers, foam or fiber. We also do re-upholstery on site at Boo-Burys for sofas, footstools, chairs etc and can make to order bespoke cushions for your colour pallet.. Check out our chic collection of cushions and vintage accessories. Visit our showroom to see it for yourself.